Wake Up and Smell the Hate

I can’t be still anymore…

Hate needs only a crack through which to enter the world, and grows insidiously, just as a weed. It prospers in the tiniest speck of light, which we gave it, long before we elected Trump to act on behalf of our country. One hater in a crowd is plenty to nurture it. This is why we must be vigilant. We must say “NO” and stamp out hate as soon as it appears.

We cannot say “Well, weighing all the factors, I prefer Candidate A to Candidate B because “A’s” economic, or foreign, or environmental or whatever policy is better aligned with my own… Yeah, I know he’s shown some racist tendencies, but that’s not my priority.” It MUST be your priority. It MUST be everyone’s priority, because nothing grows and prospers in hate, except more bad things — like fear, and violence, dis-functionality and death. You cannot grow a worthy economy or a child, or a garden fertilized in hate. Actions and behaviors must root themselves in love to blossom into the beauty and beings intended.

Two years ago, it may have made sense to some to vote on a strictly intellectual basis, without considering philosophical, moral or personal factors, but only because at some level these voters were able to separate their heads from their hearts. And therein lies the rub — a choice made by fragmented people. When we take our hearts out of the equation we are no longer making choices with our “whole” selves. I do not believe that half of our country is racist and full of hate; I believe that many, many people have forgotten how to think and ACT with their whole selves, where heart and mind integrate and consider critically. We are taught to encourage the disconnect between heart and mind. Mind is given license to work independently, while heart is locked away in a basement cell. Heart is considered feminine, emotional, unstable, fragile, and above all — not trustworthy.

Society dictates that if we want to be taken seriously, we must act from an intellectual, evidence-based place — especially those of us who are women — in order to compete in a male-dominated world. The increasing occurrence in hate crimes across the United States has been partially brought on by the ability of those at the highest level to take heart out of the equation. Yes, I am aware there are haters in our country — true racists, misogynists, xenophobes — who believe that there is an “us” and a “them,” a “we” and a “they.” But that group isn’t big enough to elect a president on its own.

I am not speaking to the haters, but rather to that much larger group who made a choice with less than their whole selves, who didn’t allow their hearts to remind their heads that the essence of our souls is love. Whichever God or Universal Presence, or greater power, or just nature, imbued us with this life, did so in all-encompassing love. To ignore our hearts in making a choice, whatever choice, denigrates and disrespects our very human existence, and that God as well. It is not OK that we allowed the election of a hater — that we put monumental power in the hands of someone who does not make decisions with his head and his heart, who does not have the best interests of ALL at the core of his actions.

And what of those who chose NOT to make a choice — who did not vote in 2016 — what can I say to you that will make any kind of difference? Did you know of his hate? Did you realize he was clearly intolerant of so many people that make up this TRIBE of ours? People of color, women, the disabled, whole countries, truth-seekers, scientists, whole religions…? And if you knew, did you believe it didn’t matter? Have you never seen in your own life the ease with which hate grows quickly into a strong vine and chokes off all the life around it?

Try to remember.

And if you didn’t realize the danger, why was that? Were you bored by politics? Were you too busy doing your job, making money, zoning out? Did you think it didn’t matter? Did you think that life would just continue “as is,” regardless of what you did or didn’t do?

Wake up!

Those times are over. Hate is in full-bloom, and exterminating it will require the tenacity of every non-hating American, to say nothing of resurrecting our role as humanitarians around the globe. Why? Because even if we cut off the head of the hate, another will swiftly grow in its place. Only with the hearts and the minds of whole people, fully engaged, can we beat back this hate that has wrapped itself around our world. We need every single heart and mind to step up and stand out in clear voice against it. We must each be and do the best within ourselves to begin to right our world.

I don’t know the right thing to say to those of you who do not care, who are apathetic, or not afraid of what is happening all around us. I suspect some of you are just sleeping through life. I know I slept through chunks of mine. But even when I was awake, I let my personal priorities surpass my global concerns. Until now — no longer can I close my eyes, cover my ears and turn away from the plight of our country and our world. I see us on the verge of something uglier than I ever thought possible, and the fear of that ugliness drove me to pick up a pen in the dead of night and write. Now I am casting my words into the universe, a prayer in my heart. Perhaps someone will consider, another will contemplate, maybe a brave soul will act. If I could wake up, it’s possible others can too!

Reach down inside yourself and find a beautiful moment, a memory, a vision of a time when you cared so much it brought tears to your eyes with the mere truth of love and beauty. Remember how that moment felt, how it was worth everything, even a last breath, to have it. That feeling, the possibility of having another moment like it, makes life worth living, and can power a movement to rid our world of the hate that has taken hold.

Please re-discover yourself — your own love of life, and the freedom to live it as you see fit. Find ways to reach out to others and help them re-ignite their own light. Do it NOW, the world needs your heart and your mind, and your voice. You deserve the bliss that comes with an awakened life and a whole soul, as do we all. And please, find out what’s going on, and VOTE. If you’re too young to vote, speak out — to anyone who has the right to exercise a vote- and encourage them to do that most important job. Tell them to get smart about the hate that’s happening all around us, to pay attention, to see this vote as an obligation, not a choice. If we don’t act now, I fear one day soon, we won’t be fighting against voting restrictions, we will be fighting for the right itself.

Creator, Teacher & Learner on a journey to become myself — whole, well & happy — and help others do the same. Join the tribe @ TheWholeWellnessProject.com

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