Question…Where Does the Madness Stop?

I was trying to relax.

Photo by Michael Mroczek on Unsplash

I had woken up with a nagging headache, then proceeded to knock my coffee cup off the vanity while washing my face. Sputtering suds, soap in my eyes, I rinsed off, grabbed my towel and watched the dregs of my coffee swirl down the bathtub drain. Then came the clean-up… sink, mirror, tub, floor… ceramic shards mixed with coffee and cat hair — what a delight!

Exhausted, my head still throbbing, I made more coffee and collapsed onto the sofa, hoping to unwind with some mindless television. But I couldn’t relax because of a commercial. It was supposed to be funny, which was part of the problem. Have you ever heard that saying about laughing to keep from crying? At some point you reach the place where laughter is no longer possible, and you must scream instead. I guess I finally reached my tipping point… I clenched my teeth. My head seemed to swell.

A man and a woman race into their house, grabbing at each other, implying they can’t wait to rip off each other’s clothes and do the dirty deed. But the dirty deed turns out to be guiltily gorging on some late-night snack… a heavy, greasy, cheesy, tomato-saucy, frozen, microwaved food product, after which they make screwed-up indigestion faces.

But don’t worry, they reach for a box that contains a miraculous cure! It will fix what ails them, and not only will their tummies feel oh, so much better, they will drift off to peaceful sleep because now, the genius company that manufactures this cure-all includes melatonin right in the product!

Holy crap, and WTF???

Pretty soon all we’ll have to do is take a pill every morning and every night and the pill will be pre-programmed to know exactly which behavior it’s meant to fix and it will do that automatically so we can go on our merry way, oblivious to what we might be doing to our bodies, our minds, or the world around us.

Now how can I decompress when I see the world getting crazier by the minute?

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What ever happened to simple logic, like, if eating “X” makes us feel bad, perhaps we shouldn’t eat “X”? And if doing “Y” makes us feel bad, maybe we should stop doing “Y”.

It’s as if we’ve relinquished personal responsibility for the choices we make because some company somewhere is busy creating the antidote for every possible bad thing we can do to ourselves, and what’s more, they’re willing to sell that amazing remedy to us for the mere price of $29.99!

Things are getting downright disgusting! I’m not just having these thoughts because I’ve spent the last few months creating a healthier lifestyle. I’ve had these thoughts for as long as I can remember. But now I’m choosing to write them down, to capture my angst in words. Why am I doing this?

I hope that eventually I will share these thoughts with someone who might care, and might agree, so that, what…?

…we might create a counter-culture revolution?

…we might come together as one voice, one tribe, and say:

“NO, this is not OK! This is not who we really are.”

I’m not sure why I feel so compelled to share these thoughts. Maybe I have indeed reached my own tipping point- the point past which I absolutely cannot remain silent, cannot let things that are just plain wrong continue to slide. I don’t have all the answers, but I’ve always said, “at least I know I have to ask the questions.”

We must stop. Stop to notice the everyday madness that surrounds us. Stop to recognize the craziness inherent in something as simple as a TV commercial depicting a single example of how basic living has become so drastically removed from common sense.

One thing I do know is that, until we become aware, the madness will continue.

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