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  • Dionne Nicole

    Dionne Nicole

    Host of “The Unconventional Self-Care Diary” podcast. Brand Strategist. Lover of Business Systems & Quests. Former Peace Corps Volunteer.

  • PunitaWrites


    Punita shares her musings about midlife, her immigrant family, and life at the intersection of disability and diversity. She loves history, words, and culture.

  • umair haque

    umair haque


  • Kori D. Miller

    Kori D. Miller

    I’m a habit change aficionado, facilitator, and coach who loves helping others achieve their goals one bite-size step at a time. kori@ardentpath.com

  • Ronna Corlin

    Ronna Corlin

    Plant-strong nutrition coach into lifestyle medicine. | Helping busy professionals to prioritize health goals with optimal results in order to thrive now.

  • Nina Gheihman

    Nina Gheihman

    Sociologist, foodie, photographer, traveler, vegan, biker, yogi, and meditator. www.ninabynature.

  • Andy Bellatti MS, RD

    Andy Bellatti MS, RD

    Dietitian with whole-food, plant-centric approach. No, you don't need a juice cleanse.

  • Medium Staff

    Medium Staff

    News and updates from the staff at Medium.

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