Celebrating Myself!

Don’t Forget to Honor Key Moments Along Your Journey

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I am here, in this moment, triumphant, so triumphant, for I have done something I couldn’t have done a year ago. I committed myself to writing. And the key is- this time the commitment includes letting other people read my writing… the commitment includes PUBLISHING! And it comes without fear! No FEAR!! I feel good, I know who and what I am and I can feel my future at my feet.

I don’t know exactly where I am going, but NOW I understand my path. This is too cool, way, way, way too cool. Even if I never make any money, it’s one more thing I have conquered. So much bullshit in this world, in life, all self-created. I don’t have to choose the bullshit anymore, not for one more year, day or moment.

I can choose freedom, beauty, creativity, happiness, gentleness, love, quietness, friendship. I can make my own rules. I can choose what’s in my heart over what’s in my head. And what’s more, I am no longer afraid of the polarity between the two… because I am uniting them, integrating them, and in the process, I am becoming whole.

I am not afraid.

I am not afraid to feel, to be me, to show people who I am, to be honest, to be true, to be right, or to be wrong, to be rejected, to be differed with, or to be different, to make a change, to be alone, to be old, to be wrong or to be right, to fall in love, to care about another person, to let my future tell me what it wants to be, to ride the wave, to wait for the right time, the right answer, whether it comes tomorrow or when I’m 92.

The important thing is, I see my journey, and I embrace it! I am no longer afraid of it. I’m not living my life from a place of fear, but rather from a place of love. I feel my joy. I am exhilarated! There is no way to go wrong from this place; I am so strong, so powerful.

I will succeed! I already have… I am here!

Creator, Teacher & Learner on a journey to become myself — whole, well & happy — and help others do the same. Join the tribe @ TheWholeWellnessProject.com

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